5 Sizzling Summer Ideas For An Amazing BBQ!

25 May 2017

Summer is here, and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to take the dining experience to the great outdoors, light up the BBQ and enjoy some delicious food cooked the way it should be! There’s nothing quite like food cooked on a BBQ and at Harpers Food we’ve got just the ticket for making it perfect.

5 Sizzling Summer Ideas for the Perfect BBQ!

Here are our 5 sizzling summer ideas for the perfect BBQ:

  1. Load up on tasty condiments

Make sure your guests have plenty of choice in the condiment department! There’s nothing worse than a dry burger or hot dog. Ensure you have the usual suspects on hand (tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce), but for real added wow factor provide some less traditional options such as sweet chilli, Sriracha and honey glaze. Your guests will thank you for the choice!


  1. Show off your bar skills and make the perfect Pimms and lemonade

No BBQ is complete without some refreshing Pimms and lemonade! The key to a great jug of Pimms and lemonade is to use only the freshest, juiciest fruits. Traditionally, Pimms and lemonade is made using fresh mint leaves, chopped strawberry, sliced orange and cucumber. However, we like to throw out the rule book and use any fruit that takes our fancy, (maybe not banana though… ).


  1. Impress your guests with homemade burgers that have a cheesy surprise

Homemade burgers are often tastier and healthier than buying them pre-made and they’re really easy too! Just mix steak mince with an egg, some breadcrumbs, a little red onion and some chilli. Then simply mix and mould them into burger patties. For an added surprise place a chunk of cheese in the middle of each burger (mozzarella works really well) – your guests will love the surprise when they bite into them!

5 Sizzling Summer Ideas for the Perfect BBQ!


  1. Mix things up with succulent and tasty mixed kebabs

Get creative and make a selection of kebabs. They’re incredibly easy to make and you can mix and match different meats and vegetables to create your own unique signature kebabs. Simply get some wooden (or metal) skewers and you’re away. Chicken, lamb, beef and pork all work great for meats, whilst onions, peppers, courgette and tomatoes are the perfect vegetable accompaniment. If you want to take things a step further, fruit kebabs make a healthy dessert option too.


  1. Don’t forget to cater for any vegan or vegetarian guests

There’s nothing more embarrassing than finding out one of your guests is vegan or vegetarian and having nothing to feed them. No-one likes to just eat the salad, after all. Tofu burgers and sausages, vegetable kebabs, grilled sweetcorn and pasta salad are all popular vegan and vegetarian safe options for a sizzling summer BBQ.

No matter what you choose to do for your own summer BBQ, the thing that really matters is the quality of the produce you use. At Harpers Food, we pride ourselves on quality and only offer the finest cuts of meat, food and wines to our customers. We’re passionate about good food and work with many local producers to ensure our high standards are always met. Come down and give us a visit to ensure that your summer BBQ is a hit!

Don’t forget, our next food Tasting Days are Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May 12pm to 2pm where you can sample some fine English wines and enjoy our summer food and BBQ ideas. Come along and enjoy some great food with our compliments!







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