An ‘Ace’ Combination – Tennis & A Picnic Lunch With Pimms!

7 Jul 2017

Well, British tennis has got off to a flying start this week at Wimbledon! The Championships at Wimbledon, popularly known as just Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis championships in the world, and is arguably the most prestigious. With a prize of £2.2 million each for the mens’ and ladies’ winners it’s certainly a serious game!

However, if you can’t be in London to catch a few games in person it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on any of the fun! With the weather being so warm it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a casual picnic lunch at home, a glass or two of Pimms and of course the tennis being played on the television in the background!

Wimbledon Tennis

So, what makes a perfect picnic lunch for you? Why not create a delicious picnic lunch which is easy to serve and be enjoyed by all the family? The obvious choice to start with is sandwiches with classic fillings like cheese and pickle, ham or chicken salad, but you could also try making up some delicious tortilla wraps and get a little more adventurous with the fillings – you could try grilling some chicken breast and sprinkling with a little fajita-style seasoning, before slicing and loading up your tortilla wrap, along with fresh tomato slices, cucumber and lettuce, or swap the chicken for sliced peppers, grilled courgettes and green beans, for a healthy vegetarian option.

You could also have a couple of quiches which are just as delicious straight from the fridge and a rice or pasta salad is a great accompaniment to the main items on the picnic. Portion-sized cheeses, sausage rolls, cold meat cuts and veggie sticks with a freshly made minty yoghurt dip are enjoyed by all ages and are quick and easy to serve.


Strawberries & Cream


Everyone enjoys a little sweet treat on a picnic, but if it’s Wimbledon Week, pudding just has to be strawberries and cream! You can’t beat British strawberries at this time of year, and for this classic dessert only the freshest strawberries will do.

Keep refrigerated until you are ready to serve, rinse carefully, chop in half lengthways and serve with a generous amount of cream, either whipped or poured straight from the container, and kids just love the squirty variety from the can! You could also add a drop or two of vanilla essence and a small teaspoon of sugar when whipping the cream to give a wonderful smooth sweetness to your dish.

Now, let’s get to the perfect picnic lunch drink – we think a long cool glass of Pimms is the best drink to go with a picnic lunch! Fill your glass with ice and put in the fruit – a classic Pimms uses orange, cucumber and a generous handful of mint leaves – but you could always swap or add a couple of ingredients like strawberries, raspberries or even passion fruit and a stick of celery.

Next, pour in one part of Pimms to three parts of lemonade and your drink is ready to be enjoyed! If you have children around, you could leave out the Pimms and they’ll still get to enjoy a fruity lemonade with a twist!

Of course, if you’d prefer to enjoy some relaxing time without having to clear up after everyone else, you can always be assured of a warm and friendly welcome at the Harpers Coffee Shop, where we have a great selection of light and main meals and a number of seasonal Weekly Specials. Don’t forget to pop in to the Harpers Food Hall to stock up on your family favourites or of course try something new – our knowledgeable staff are always happy to help.






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