An Important Message from Peter Harper

6 Mar 2019

T. HARPER & SON LTD – Update of policies and actions taken over the last five years at Pepperstock.
The Company moved to this location for improved logistics providing benefit to our retail customers, and easy access to the M1, A5 and A6.
The Company’s intention is to provide a secure base for each of our four income streams, for the benefit of all the Company’s stakeholders.
The Company recognised the implications of the referendum and predicted the conflict and confusion that would occur between the different social elements of our society.

The probability of the country going into recession – to respond to these events the Directors created a new company i.e. Harpers of Pepperstock Ltd., and acquired, from Mr. & Mrs. Harper a large field opposite to the Company premises, and instructed our Planning Consultants and Architect to seek planning permission for a large production facility.

This was granted in January 2019, now providing opportunity for growth in production.

Subsequent investments were equipping the Café facility in 2018 with outside furniture, together with extensive investment for a modern kitchen to service the Oak Room Restaurant.

Employment Policy
The investment at Pepperstock has enabled key staff to be transferred from the Company’s previous location in Studham, and additional staff to be recruited.
During the last five years, many young people gaining work experience have been employed, with seven leaving the Company with good references to go to university and subsequent employment.
The lack of affordable accommodation has meant that although we have provided jobs and career opportunities, the lack of affordable accommodation had two serious effects:
Young people cannot afford to live in the area in which they grew up.

Our Company cannot recruit key staff, as the cost of property deters successful applicants.

Therefore, the Company is now in the process of seeking planning permission to have suitable low cost housing built.
These would be Company owned, to provide accommodation for existing current employees, and provide accommodation for the additional employees in the production facility.
Capital investment has provided growth opportunity to our main income streams. The Company is now planning to ensure the future human resources can also be well provided for.
I hope that you will be supportive of all our endeavours.

Peter Harper






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