An Open Letter From Peter Harper

31 Jul 2020

July 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

The last six months have caused us to respond quickly to the action taken by H.M. Government to try to control Covid 19 – as a food shop, we were encouraged to remain open.

  1. Our first priority was to ensure that our stock levels were sufficient to deal with the estimated demand. The companies we use confirmed that their supply lines were secure, and could ensure the quality and quantities we required.
  2. Members of our Fine Food & Wine Society were informed that our extended delivery service was available.  The membership of the Fine Food & Wine Society was closed in March until we knew we could honour our commitment to existing members.  Membership has now opened again, but if we were subject to another lock down due to a further wave of Covid 19,  we would again close membership applications.
    We also cancelled our Garden Parties in July, and Craft Fayre weekend in September.
  3. With our Coffee Shop and Restaurant closed the staff involved were furloughed.  This means we cannot offer events e.g. birthday parties, funerals, baby showers etc.
  4. Our customers requested additional products they would like us to stock, which we were pleased to do, including flour, additional cheeses, greater selection of wine etc.
  5. The majority of our customers drive to visit us and use our safe car park.  We felt that we should try and make the area outside the shop more appealing;  the early spring presents us with banks of daffodils, cutting the grass and trimming the beech hedges all making it smell and look pleasant.  We cleared the outside patio area and brought out our teak tables and chairs so our customers could relax prior to coming into the shop, but also providing a safe haven for some.
    We have now opened our Coffee Shop again, and can provide a simplified menu, with your choice of sitting inside or out.
    Please come out and visit us and continue to receive the welcome from the staff you have come to expect.  Your kind comments regarding my staff and a high level of service over the last six months makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you on behalf of my staff and myself,
Peter Harper






Monday To Saturday:
Food Hall: 9am – 5pm
Coffee Shop: 9am – 4.30pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays:
Food Hall: 10am – 4pm
Coffee Shop: 10am – 3.30pm

We are closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.