British Pie Week

1 Mar 2017

The Great British Pie

There’s something wonderful and comforting about a pie. Whether it’s a fruit pie, served hot with ice-cream or custard or cream; a meat or veg pie; a grab as you go pie for lunch – there really is a pie for all occasions. And so, to celebrate the British love of the pie, British Pie Week was born in 2009.


How did British Pie Week come about?

Originally founded by a pastry company as a marketing campaign, British Pie Week has become a fixture in the British calendar and includes the British Pie Awards, celebrating the ‘craft and skills of those that produce pies’ and also the wonderful local produce and regional variations of a pie.


British Pie Week

A brief history of the pie

Pie cases were once meant just to contain the filling for workers wanting a packed lunch for long days of work such as on a farm or in a mine. The pastry was actually disposable! These days, there is a range of different pastry options – shortcrust, puff pastry, filo, to name but a few – and secret pastry recipes abound between competitors and families.

What’s in a pie?

The fillings are ever more inventive too, with pie-makers sourcing local produce and combining flavours for simple and exotic tastes. It’s become much more popular to make pies as celebrity chefs have showcased pies and companies who only make pies have sprung up. Farmers’ markets, supermarkets and speciality shops are brimming with exciting pies.

Of course, there have been various polls of favourite fillings and one recent survey last year came up with a top 5 of ‘Britain’s best-loved pies’.

Apple Pie
Shepherd’s Pie
Steak & Ale Pie
Cottage Pie
Steak & Kidney


75% of people in the UK eat a pie at least once a month, there are regional variations and pie sales are growing and are increasingly challenging some of the fast food outlets. In 2012, Mintel valued the British pie market at £1bn and expects it to hit £1.2bn this year.

British Pie Week is the perfect excuse to explore, taste and compare different pies. This year, it takes place between 6-12 March 2017 and the British Pie Awards are in the middle of the week on 8 March.

Here at Harpers Food we have a large selection of delicious British pies, including:

  • Steak in Ale pie
  • Steak in red wine pie
  • Steak & kidney pie
  • Game pie
  • Venison pie
  • Chicken & mushroom pie
  • Chicken & leek pie
  • Chicken & ham pie
  • Gammon, onion & herby potato pie
  • Apple pie
  • Apple & blackberry pie
  • Apple & blackcurrant pie
  • Cherry pie
  • Apricot pie
  • Pear & raspberry pie
  • Apple & mincemeat pie
  • Pear & almond tart

British Pie Week

Harpers Pie Tasting Weekend

Fri 10th & Sat 11th March 2017 from 12pm – 2pm

To celebrate British Pie Week, we’re excited to invite you to the Harpers Pie Tasting Weekend. Just come along and taste our delicious pies! No need for any bookings or reservations.

We look forward to seeing you next weekend!






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