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Fine Food Members Free Benefits

Member Gift Options

Our valued members can choose from the following gifts this Christmas:
• 10lb Norfolk Hen Turkey
• 5lb Flat Turkey Breast
• 5lb Duck
• 5lb Boned and Rolled Loin of Pork

Choice of Wine:
• Red, White or Rose

Happy Christmas

To Our Fine Food and Wine Members


Chicken Liver Pâté (100g)

Renowned for imaginative and quite superb flavours, this range of luxury pâté contains no pork, using fresh chicken livers as a base for a blend of many fine ingredients, enlivened with herbs and spices for that traditional taste.

Chicken Liver Pâté with Brandy and Herbs £3.90
Chicken Liver Pâté with Cointreau and Orange £3.90
Chicken Liver Pâté with Mushroom and Garlic £3.90

Fish and Vegetarian Pâté (100g)

Peppered Mackerel Pâté £4.90
Smoked Salmon Mousse £4.90
Stilton and Pear Pâté £4.90

Seafood Starters

Smoked Scottish Salmon 100g £4.40
Smoked Scottish Salmon 200g £8.60
Raw King Prawns 240g £7.15
Cooked Peeled Prawns 300g £7.50
Scallops 180g £8.85

Traditional Bronze Turkeys

Traditional Bronze Turkeys

(8lb -18lb) £6.79lb/£14.99kg

Traditional Free Range Bronze Turkeys. From a local family farm who have been rearing turkeys for over 70 years. Their turkeys are reared in an environment of high welfare standards. They are fed on a home produced cereal base diet. All are individually plucked and are game hung for 2 – 3 weeks for a better textured flesh and maximum flavour.

Each turkey is individually boxed with recipe leaflet and garnished with fresh herbs.

Whole Turkeys and Turkey Breast

Barn-Reared White Turkeys

8lb to 20lb £5.23lb/£15.50kg

Cooking the Perfect Turkey Breast

Heat the oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5.
Weigh the turkey breast and calculate 40 mins per kilo, plus an additional 20 mins. Rub the butter over the skin and season well. Carefully place streaky bacon over the top of the breast for additional flavour. Cover the whole tin or pan with foil. Roast for the allotted time, taking the foil off 20 mins before the end to brown the skin. Leave the turkey to rest for 20 mins somewhere warm. Don’t skip this step otherwise the juices will run out as you carve.

Boned Norfolk Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast Plain
(left flat) £7.02lb/£15.50kg

Turkey Breast Plain
(rolled and tied) £7.02lb/£15.50kg

Lunch Alternatives

Goose - a delicious alternative to Turkey

Geese are full of flavour the meat is sumptuous, rich and gamey and is an ideal alternative to Turkey. The fat from the goose is renowned for making the best roast potatoes!

Geese (10-16lb) £8.16lb/£18.00kg
Harpers guide to cooking your goose will be provided with every order.

Turkey Crown

Norfolk Turkey Breast on the bone complete
with wings are easy to carve and take less
cooking time. Approximate weight to allow
for Christmas lunch is 1lb/500g per person.

Crowned Norfolk Hen Turkey £6.78lb/£14.95kg

Alternative Freedom Poultry

Roosters (Capons) 6lb-7lb (FROZEN) £4.76lb/£10.50kg
Roosters (Capons) 8lb-10lb (FROZEN) £4.76lb/£10.50kg
Whole Duck £4.76lb/£10.50kg
Duck Breasts – Pack of 2 £8.61lb/£18.99kg

English Beef

English Beef Roasting Joint and English Steaks Prepared and wrapped in foil to ensure superb cooking and eating

English Beef Roasting Joints

Sirloin (2lb-10lb) £17.69lb/£39.00kg
Topside (2lb-10lb) £9.05lb/£19.95kg
Forerib (3lb-12lb)
(on the bone) £11.79lb/£25.99kg

English Steaks

Fillet £25.43lb/£56.00kg
Ribeye £17.71lb/£39.00kg
Sirloin £17.71lb/£39.00kg
Rump £13.39lb/£29.00kg

English Pork and Lamb

English Pork Roasting Joints

Leg of Pork Boned & Rolled (2.5lb – 10lb) £4.20 lb/£9.25 kg
Loin of Pork Boned & Rolled (2.5lb – 10lb) £6.35lb /£14.00kg
Shoulder of Pork Boned & Rolled (2.5lb – 10lb) £4.20 lb/£9.25 kg

English Lamb Roasting Joints

Leg of Lamb (5lb-7lb) £9.07lb/£19.99kg
Loin of Lamb Boned and Rolled
Shoulder of Lamb £4.51lb/£9.95kg

Game Products

Game Products

Pheasants £2.95lb/£6.50kg
Partridge £5.30 each
Venison Leg Steaks £7.86lb/£17.32kg
Topside of Venison (Haunch) £9.06lb/£19.99kg
Venison Loin Valentine Steaks £10.43lb/£23.00kg

Please ask for any specific cuts of any other game products.

Sausages, Sausagemeat and Stuffing

Pigs in Blankets

Pigs in Blankets (6 per pack)
Streaky bacon wrapped around chipolatas.
£4.50 per pack

Gluten Free
Pigs in Blankets (6 per pack)
£4.50 per pack

Cocktail Sausages (1lb) £3.95
Pork Plain Chipolatas (1lb) £3.95
Pork and Herb Chipolatas £3.95
Gluten Free Pork Chipolatas £3.95

Sausagemeat and Stuffings

Pork Sausagemeat (1lb tube) £3.40

Gluten Free
Pork Sausagemeat (1lb tube) £3.50
Pork and Herb Sausagemeat £3.40
Pork and Cranberry/Orange Sausagemeat £3.80
Pork Sausagemeat with Apricot £3.80

Shropshire Spice Stuffing Mixes

Apricot and Almond Stuffing Mix £1.90
Cranberry/Orange and Roast Chestnut £1.90
Wild Sage and Onion £1.90

Gammon Joints and Bacon

Gammon Joints

Gammon Joint (unsmoked) 2.5lb – 10lb £4.30lb/£9.50kg
Gammon Joint (smoked) 2.5lb – 10lb £4.30lb/£9.50kg


Back Bacon (unsmoked) (1lb pack) £5.90
Streaky Bacon (unsmoked) (1lb pack) £6.00
Smoked Back Bacon (1lb pack) £6.55
Smoked Streaky Bacon (1lb pack) £6.30

Meat and Poultry Pies

Poultry Pies

Medium (Serves 4) Large (Serves 6-8)
Chicken and Mushroom £7.40/£11.60
Chicken and Leek £7.40/£11.60
Chicken and Ham £7.40/£11.60

Meat and Game Pies

Medium (Serves 4) Large (Serves 6-8)
Steak in Ale £7.89/£12.25
Steak in Red Wine £7.89/£12.25
Game (venison/wild boar/rabbit) £8.49/£13.50
Venison £8.49/£13.50

Harpers Festive Entertainment

Cooked Ham

Cooked Ham Joint
(3lb to 12lb) £7.25lb/£16.00kg

Sliced Gammon Ham
(available in ½lb or 1lb packs) £7.80lb/£17.00kg

Award Winning Cutting Pies

Whole / Half
Chicken and Ham (4lb round) £28.00/£14.00
Game (5lb round) £40.00/£20.00
Gala (no egg, 3lb loaf) £27.50/£13.75


Our quiches are all individually made in our kitchens with our pastry and quality ingredients.

Available in small, medium and large
Approximate portions: 4-6, 8-10, 12-16

Quiche Lorraine £4.75/£7.30/£11.60
Stilton and Broccoli £4.75/£7.30/£11.60
Mushroom Quiche £4.75/£7.30/£11.60
Salmon and Broccoli £4.75/£7.30/£11.60
4 Cheese £4.75/£7.30/£11.60

Cheese and Onion £4.49 £6.49 £10.99

Executive Sausage Rolls

Ready to Cook Large Sausage Rolls

Mixed boxes available for pre-order. Boxes of 12
Traditional Plain Pork £21.50
Pork with Chilli £21.50
Pork with Herbs £21.50
Pork with Leek £21.50
Pork with Onion £21.50
Pork with Apricot £23.50

Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls Large x4 
Pork £6.80 Cocktail x8: £6.80
Pork and Apricot £7.40
Pork and Caramelised Onion £6.80
Pork and Chilli £6.80
Pork and Leek £6.80
Pork and Herb £6.80

Fish Products

Fish Cakes

Pack size 2x 115g

Classic Fish and Parsley £4.80
Smoked Haddock and
Smoked Bacon £4.80
Salmon with Lemon and Dill £4.80
East Coast Crab Cakes £5.90

Fish Meals and Shell Fish

Luxury Fish Pie 400g £5.15
Smoked haddock, prawns, coley and salmon in a rich béchamel sauce topped with creamy mash and cheese.

Haddock Bakes £5.05
Haddock bake topped with broccoli, leek and cheese sauce finished with crushed croutons. Pack size x 2.

Salmon Fillet Supremes £7.95
Pack size x 2
King Prawns £7.15
Luxury Peeled Cooked Prawns £7.50

Fish Wellingtons

Pack size: 2x 215g (430g)

Salmon Wellington £5.30
Portion of salmon in a creamy butter sauce wrapped in puff pastry and finished with fresh dill.

Cod Wellington £5.30
Portion of Cod with a cheese, prawn and mushroom sauce wrapped in puff pastry and finished with coriander.

Smoked Haddock Wellington £5.30
Portion of Cod with a cheese, prawn and mushroom sauce wrapped in puff pastry and finished with coriander.


Mince Pies

6 x Luxury locally baked mince pies £4.25

Desserts and Puddings

Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce (12 per pack) £4.20
Salted Caramel Profiteroles (12 per pack) £4.60
2 ptn Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.45
4 ptn Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.00
8 ptn Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding £8.60

Harpers Christmas Puddings

1lb Christmas Pudding £8.99
2lb Christmas Pudding £13.99

Deliveries and Ordering

Online Order Form

Please use the form below for your Christmas produce order. Once received we will call you to confirm your order and take payment.

Delivery or Collection

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Alternatively, orders can be telephoned through on 01582 872001, emailed to: or post to: Harpers Food, Half Moon Lane, Pepperstock, Beds LU1 4LL

All prices quoted in lb/kg unless stated
(but will be invoiced in kilos)



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