Fathers’ Day: BBQ & Beers

16 Jun 2017

Happy Fathers Day!

Poor old dads –  no matter what we throw at them, they still get accused of not doing enough! The reality is that dads are just as involved as the best of mums, they are just different! Dads cook meals, ferry the kids around to various clubs, sort out other domestic chores, do all the heavy DIY jobs and of course act as a 24-hour bank to all their children’s needs, however old they get!! In fact just doing the simple things with their children is enough to make Dad special…just watch this video:


So, it’s only fair that dads get a simple thank you on Fathers Day and what could be simpler, or more pleasurable, than a cool beer and a sizzling BBQ?   

Whilst a coffee mug with a funny slogan or a shiny new gadget are all well and good, who needs more trinkets cluttering up the house? You can show Dads that you care without spending money on a novelty item that only manages to raise a momentary smile before being condemned to a lifetime in the cupboard, having been used a few times to spare your feelings!

The only thing most men like more than meat is beer, and the only thing they like more than beer is meat, so why not give Dads both this year!

The great thing about  Father’s Day is that it’s right in the middle of prime BBQ season, so you and the whole family can take advantage of the sunshine, some meat on the grill, and some tasty beers in the icebox. To help inspire you, here are four things you need for a memorable barbecue this Father’s Day:


Tasty Condiments

No barbecue is complete without the right condiments. Why not help dad take this summer’s BBQs to the next level with a sauce gift set? Whether your dad likes spicy sauces or a tangier variety there are options out there for everyone. Take your pick from things like spicy sriracha or piri piri sauce to classics like ketchup or brown sauce to more exotic concoctions like chimichurri or mojo sauce. There are lots of ready-made sauces but of course, you could always whizz up your own ideas at home in a food blender.


Spicy Dry Rubs

Another excellent way to make a barbecue really amazing are dry rubs. Rubs also come in as wide a range as the condiments available. Some of the most popular include Cajun rub, Creole-style or Texas firepit. These offer easy ways for a tasty flame-grilled steak every time or even a sprinkle on a humble burger will transform it into something amazing!


The Best Beers

Let’s get to the best part – No BBQ is complete without beer! Seeing as it’s Father’s Day you want to make sure you get the right ones. Is dad a lager man or more into red ale? A hoppy IPA is a refreshing choice on a summer afternoon, or if dad is a bit of a beer connoisseur you could get him a craft beer gift set.  Alternatively, you could just make sure he has one of each and let him choose his favourite drink of the day!


The Right Meat

It may be the family patriarch’s job to tend to the barbecue, that doesn’t mean they need to do the prep work, especially on Father’s Day. So make sure that there is a tasty meat selection ready to go straight onto the grill. Opt for a tasty BBQ hamper including everything from burgers, sausages, steaks, to kebabs. Pork, lamb and beer are guaranteed to go down well, but you could always opt for something a little more exotic this year. Why not give ostrich, kangaroo, or camel a try this year? They are just as tasty and a surefire way of making the day extra memorable!


Always happy to help at Harpers Foods

Next time you pop into Harpers Foods, make sure you check out all our BBQ products, from fantastic meat offers at the Meat Counter or of course our wide range of beers, condiments and various dry rubs. If you need to check what we have available you are very welcome to call us first on 01582 872001.






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