Fish Fridays!

6 Jul 2018

There’s something fishy going on at Harpers Food every Friday! But, first of all, why do people eat fish on a Friday?

Well, many Christians, especially Catholics, would observe the Church’s instruction to not eat meat on a Friday, to show their small sacrifice as a way of recognising Jesus’s sacrifice on the Cross. Some still choose to observe this tradition, in particular during the 40 days of Lent and on Good Friday. Many of Jesus’s apostles were of course fishermen, and in a time when it was dangerous to openly declare your religious beliefs, early Christians would draw a fish in the dirt to identify themselves to each other.

Fishy Friday!

However, eating fish on a Friday continues even today – did you know that McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish was invented because McDonald’s noticed that burger sales were inexplicably dropping on a Friday? Once fish was on the menu, sales went back up again!

So which fish and seafood can we offer you here at Harpers?

To start with, we have a classic prawn cocktail in a Marie-Rose dressing, served with wholemeal bread; a light and refreshing starter, perfect for getting the tastebuds going before your main course!

To follow, we have salmon steaks, which you can choose to have either as a plain or marinaded version – whatever your choice, your salmon will be carefully cooked to be succulent and soft, served with a jacket potato and a mixed leaf salad.

We’ve also got breaded scampi, served with jumbo chips, peas and tartare sauce – delicious bite-size pieces, fresh and full of flavour.

If you love cod, then you can’t beat everyone’s Friday favourite, fish and chips! We’ve created our very own beer batter for the perfect crunch as you tuck into your delicious meal, complete with chips, peas, tartare sauce and a slice of lemon to bring all the flavours together.

And of course our lighter bites are available if you prefer – tuna mayonnaise in a sandwich, baguette or jacket potato or you can try our smoked salmon & cream cheese baguette, served with side salad and crisps; the perfect light lunch on a Friday to set you up for a relaxing weekend ahead.






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