Full Steam To Christmas!

29 Nov 2018

Christmas appears like an express train every year, but I love it!

The Food Hall is absolutely buzzing – I was at the Harpers Christmas Food & Wine Fair last weekend and lots of you were deciding which size turkey to order, or should you have the turkey breast this year? (Not a problem for Fine Food & Wine Society customers as you get your choice FREE as part of your members’ benefits). If I could lose a pound in weight for every time someone asked me how to cook their turkey, I would waste away!! Seriously though, please do keep asking as I really I don’t mind at all! It seems that some of you are getting more adventurous and are trying goose or fore rib of beef this year, both of which will be amazing, as all our meats our produced from quality assured farms.

One thing I did want to let you know is that we are producing a phenomenal amount of steak due to overwhelming demand from our customers for the ‘St. Edmundsbury Purse’ , a pocketed steak with a mustard & beer cheese slipped inside, which was used as payment in times gone by. The steak is so quick to cook and there is no waste at all. No wonder the monks enjoyed it so much and now you can too! Pop over to the Meat Counter and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect steak.

The story about the St. Edmondsbury Purse goes like this…

Many years ago, the King sought to find out how visitors would be welcomed in his kingdom. Disguised as a traveller he visited the abbey, and sought food and shelter. At the abbey gate he was welcomed, but asked what he carried in his purse that would pay for his food and lodgings.

The traveller said he would pay twice if the bed and meat were to his satisfaction. Hearing this the abbot told the butcher and the cook to create a meal fit for a king. The meal was a soft, lean steak, filled with cheese.
The King tasted the dish and was very pleased and rewarded the abbot by giving both his purse and coin to the abbey, on the condition that all visitors should be treated just as well.

I’m sure if sausage rolls had been around many years’ ago, the monks would have eaten those as well! I wonder which flavour they would have chosen – our award-winning sausage rolls come in a variety of flavours such as traditional plain, apricot, cranberry, chilli, herby, leek, onion or turkey and are also available in handy boxes of 12. Make sure you stock up next time you visit us!

We have one more weekend of tastings at the Christmas Food & Wine Fair and next week starting on Wednesday evening is the fist of our Fine Food & Wine Society evenings exclusively for members. Please phone Debbie or Sally to book as they are extremely popular and we wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed.

Don’t forget to get your orders in please asap. If you do need any help just email me at judy@harpersfood.co.uk

Catch up soon and keep well.
Signing off now,






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