29 Jun 2022

June has seen the Jubilee celebrations of our Queen Elizabeth 2nd, which has given us a chance to reflect on the advantages we enjoy every day. The pleasure of taking part in the celebrations with family and friends at home and parties.

I have noted that many of our customers have chosen to stay at home this summer and avoid the travel disruption and the extra costs and limiting frustrations.

Our coffee shop has been busy, and both our car parks have been well used and are free. The choice of tea, coffee and the quality of our patisseries is well known. Our freshly baked fruit scones are a meal on their own and I am sure that our friendly staff who serve you from the counter make a great difference as well.

The menu in our coffee shop is consistently being added to with English chicken kebabs and English sirloin steak served traditionally or served in a ciabatta.

Trialling of Customer Chosen English Steaks

We are trialling an idea requested by a customer where you choose a steak cut in front of you from our fresh meat display which is then weighed and priced and transferred to our chef to be cooked to your preferred choice. A charge is still made for the cooking, and additional side dishes.

During the month trial period this will be available on Wednesday and Friday between 12.00 and 2.30pm.

This year’s Spring English Lamb is superb, and members will receive 10% discount on the joints of English legs of Lamb, and a 10% reduction on the English Lamb rosettes, suitable for BBQs.

I have noted that some of our customers when their budgets for food are under pressure and they do not want to compromise on the quality are choosing to buy some of the meat and poultry differently.

The cost per portion is now being seen as something to seriously consider. When looking for benefits for little or no wastelittle or no cooking, low levels of fat and still good value and great taste. For example:

Sunday Roast, English topside of beef which we have cooked, and which is now available already sliced. Add our Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and mixed veg with gravy can be close to £6.00 per portion.

A mid-day snack – a sausage roll with salad is under £4.00

A lunch time choice of one of our 4 portion quiches would be no more than £2.50 per portion.

 a choice of our stir fry of a 300gram pack for two and a choice of our range of rice’s would be under £4.00.

These are just some of the trends I have noticed (personally I love our pies).

Our Fine Food and Wine Society members are still receiving free coffee and tea from 10.00am to 11.00am. We have decided to extend our summer vouchers to the 30th September as we did last year.

I have been requested to confirm that this year the choice of members Christmas meat and wine will be the same as last year.  Which I am delighted to confirm.

Finally, you know you will always be welcome here, if we can help, please speak to our team who would be delighted to respond.

With best wishes

Peter, Jane, and our superb team






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Coffee Shop: 9am – 4.30pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays:
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Coffee Shop: 10am – 3.30pm

We are closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.