Top Tips For The Perfect Roast Dinner

17 May 2017

Top tips for the perfect roast dinner

A roast dinner has long been the staple meal of the week in the UK. In fact, the traditional dish is often ranked as the country’s favourite in food-related surveys,  but how exactly do you make the perfect roast dinner? The answer may actually be simpler than you think!



Like all good meals, the process starts by getting hold of the required ingredients. There are some – such as carrots and potatoes – that almost certainly have to be featured, whilst others – like broccoli, sprouts and peas – can be dropped depending on personal preference. Meanwhile, there’s quite a lot of flexibility when it comes to the meat. Chicken is probably the easiest and most likely to go down well with most people, but of course lamb, beef and pork are all worthy contenders!



A large amount of your energy will first go into preparation. Remember, the carrots and potatoes – as well as other vegetables like parsnips and sprouts – will all have to be peeled. You will also have to baste the meat to keep it tender and possibly season it with salt, pepper and other herbs to achieve maximum flavour.

Top Tips For The Perfect Roast Dinner


The key to achieving perfection is to be mindful of timing. Don’t just factor in cooking time, but consider how long it may take you to prepare and serve the food. Also, remember to use your common sense! If something looks undercooked, especially chicken, don’t be afraid to leave it in for an extra few minutes and if something looks like it’s burning, don’t hesitate to take it out of the oven even before the timer goes off, as ovens can vary. A good level of multi-tasking is also a useful skill to have for success.


The Starter and Dessert

Both the starter and dessert should be light, yet tasty. A great suggestion to precede the roast dinner would be homemade soup. Not only will it not fill up diners before the main course, it’s also easy to make and won’t distract you from your main responsibilities. Meanwhile, the dessert should be sweet and traditional, like a bread and butter pudding.


The Wine

The choice of wine really depends on the meat that you’re preparing. If you’ve gone for roast beef, a full-bodied red – like a Shiraz – will work best. Meanwhile, if you’ve gone for chicken, then a classic Chardonnay should do the trick.


Enjoy the results!

It’s true that making a roast dinner can be stressful, but it can also be rather fun! You could always get the children or your guests to get involved with the preparation and keep you company with a glass of wine, and when you all sit down together to enjoy your hard work your perfect roast dinner will be truly enjoyed by everyone.


Enjoy a meal without the stress…

Of course, if you’d rather just enjoy a delicious meal as a treat or with friends, without any of the hassle of buying ingredients and tiring yourself out creating the perfect meal, let us look after you at the Harpers Coffee Shop! We are open 7 days a week and can take bookings to make sure you get to enjoy a light snack or a hearty traditional meal  – satisfaction guaranteed!


We’d be happy to help….

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